Dear Readers,

Welcome to our first issue of NeurodivergART!

We are excited and honored to share the talents of neurodivergent artists with the world.

For too long, other people have used art as a means of speaking about or for us. Why? There are so many neurodivergent artists out there in so many fields! We are creative and hard-working and expressive.

I have been submitting query/cover letters for over two decades. I recently realized that for every one letter I send, my neurotypical colleagues send about twenty. I conferred with them and confirmed that, yes, we are following the same steps:

1). Writing a template letter.
2). Researching the agent/editor.
3). Personalizing the template to the agent/editor.
4). Submitting the letter.
5). Noting in a spreadsheet when to expect a response or (if no response for declined submissions, as is often the case) when to mark the piece as not accepted.
6). Repeat steps 1-5.

Somehow, though, my pace is about twenty times slower than theirs!

I spend hours researching each agent/editor, trying to connect in a handful of words. This feels like small talk and does not come naturally to me at all. I check and recheck my math to compute dates for my submissions spreadsheet. I struggle with the openendness of “no response unless the work is accepted.”

I wondered if my submission rate was related to my neurodivergence.

I conferred with the neurodivergent art community. Sure enough, though the reasons are diverse, we always came back to the same conclusion: The submissions process can be exceptionally daunting for neurodivergent artists. That means, even though there are agents and editors seeking neurodivergent voices, the accessibility is not easy.

Thus, NeurodivergART, was born. Our mission: To create a magazine from and for neurodivergent artists. To offer a submissions process that is straightforward and succinct.

Every month, we will feature one (1) to three (3) artists. The genre and subject matter may vary, but the mission will always remain the same.

Please enjoy, please submit, and please share.

Thank you and with warmest regards,

Saraswati Chand
March 2019


Lynne Hollingsworth

S. Evans