S. Evans


Light falling on leaves and flowers

Swimming Sun I


Light falling on leaves and flowers

Swimming Sun II


Sunlight sending rays over mountains and desert

Stretching Sun


Artist Notes:

“I Stim” is a play on words — “Eye Stim” and, quite often, “Aye, Stim!” — because I visually stim, most often with natural light. This series has many photographs that I carry with me for stimming purposes when such light is unavailable. 

“Swimming Sun I & II” are my attempts to capture the movement of light as it reflects off water and onto foliage. The leaves are densely layered and as the light swishes over them, I sense it both tactilely and musically . The little dark caverns behind the leaves are magical and mysterious.

When I look at “Stretching Sun”, I can feel the sunlight reaching for and falling over me. I can smell the dry, desert air. I can hear birds chirping, leaves rustling. The sun is warm and gentle on my skin.

It can be hard to describe the sensations of visual stimming. I hope my photographs give viewers some of that pleasurable experience.