Mads Johan Øgaard

Man standing with numbers pouring out of his mouth and circling his body in a storm.

Dyscalculexic Pain — When numbers and time become too much to handle, but you still have to face them in everyday life, it hurts physically.

A human floating in the air with white wings made of paper forming the shape of a heart. The human is holding a glowing book.

Enlighted — This illustration is based on the feeling you have when you finally find your way of learning, and finally, have the experience to learn what you always wanted. My mom always told me to find my personal keys 🔑 to success!

Human with blue wings slumped on sidewalk with sign reading "To Smart for the Society". There is a hat next to the sign and the number 2703 on the human's shirt.

Too Smart for the Society — Some of the brightest and most talented people in the world are told that they are stupid, but they possess the key to change our world!


Artist Notes:

Mads Johan Øgaard is a Norwegian 25-year-old illustrator and animator, as well as Special Education teacher with dyslexia and dyscalculia.

He uses art to share his experiences dealing with learning differences to make awareness and to help others. 

Mads is known for the short animated film I AM DYSLEXIC (directed by Mads Johan Øgaard and Katie Noel Wyman at Falmouth University 2016)

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