Dear Readers,

Welcome to our third issue of NeurodivergART!

And happy May.

This is how Nature makes me feel about April:

“… one of April’s most brilliant days–a day as sparkling as a newly-washed lemon…a day when even the shadows were a melange of blue and orange and jade, like the shadows that poured from the tipsy brush of Monet.” 
― Beverley Nichols, A Thatched Roof

This is how Autism Awareness makes me feel about April:

“April. Month of dust and lies.” 
― Naguib Mahfouz, Adrift on the Nile

So many actually autistic people dread April. We fight for acceptance instead of awareness.* We celebrate Autistic Pride. We advocate. We educate. We burnout. And through it all, we live. We survive.

And this is what life is like for the neurodivergent community every day. We ask, demand, fight to be seen as the human beings we are. We are not symbols. We do not exist to inspire you. We are here to live our lives. 

We at NeurodivergART thank you for your submissions and you readership. Art represents life, the very lives we live. And NeurodivergART celebrates those lives. We couldn’t do it without you.

So …

Please enjoy, please submit, and please share.

Thank you and with warmest regards,

Saraswati Chand
May 2019


Mads Johan Øgaard

Melissa Colleen Pinson

For those of you who are interested, part of my work in April was to write a three-part response to a Healthline article entitled “How to Make Your Relationship Work When Your Partner Has Autism”. Included in the response is a detailed critique of the article as well as the publication of my own article, “The Secrets to the Success of One Neurodiverse Couple”.