Casey Promise

Silly String

Silly String — This piece is full of emotional energy and political chatter. For someone who’s constantly being told “to smile”, I felt the urge to create an almost sarcastic representation of that. There’s also reference to religion, politics and psychology via the cross, American flag and the bottles of pills all growing from the exposed brain. I’m from the Bible Belt and religion has been a negative influence for me due to identifying myself as Queer. The American flag along with the pill bottle represents the years I was forced to take countless pills for conditions I never had since I was in my teens. It represents all the doctors, many pushed by pharmaceutical companies, who never guessed I might be neurodivergent (Autistic) and continually forced more and more medications and many a wrong diagnosis on me.

Surrealistic Drawing

The surrealistic drawing is an actual “live” process of how my brain sees characters coming to life. What I mean is, when I draw with just pencil….I don’t think about it or plan ahead. I am literally free-flowing straight from my brain to my hands to the pencil. I just “let go”, and that style of drawing is what ends up almost “happening” to me. I use that term because it’s almost like it comes from somewhere else other than just my physical brain. I believe it is the truest visual representation of both my mind and spirituality, as well as my Autistic thinking.

The Girl In the Sunglasses

The Girl In the Sunglasses — this is my “alter-ego” self-portrait. It represents the charm, the attitude, the fun and the colorful part of me I feel is deep down, but is simply masked on a day-to-day basis. This fun and playful character is me, but can’t quite come out to play because either society, myself or both is keeping me in some sort of figurative and demanding box.

Artist Bio:

Casey Promise (Thompson) is a Mixed Media Artist who lives and works in Nashville, TN. She attended Watkins College of Art, Design & Film and studied independently in Santa Fe, NM.  She continues to explore the possibilities of visually telling stories through organic design, dimension, varying materials, and abstraction. 

Artist Notes:

Neurodivergence is what makes my art so chaotic and detailed and even political at times. I would like to think I wouldn’t have the skills I have without the colorful wiring in my brain…. shooting off these inspirational sparks that collide into these visual patterns and places and feelings. I want my art to represent parts of my emotional thinking as well as what impacts me on a daily basis. The cliche term: “a photo speaks a thousand words” is quite true if your subjects tell a story. My art is my way of telling my story. It speaks of both the trials and tribulations of growing-up feeling so different from the rest of the world. It’s also a way to release the pressure that builds up in my brain.

I don’t believe I have a defined “form” quite yet. All of my pieces via medium and subject matter all vary to some degree. Drawing with pencil is the most freeing, while using color is the most restrictive for me. I believe it’s this way because a wrong color mark can’t be undone quite like a pencil. Therefore, there’s less restrictions and more of a free-flowing technique. I don’t have to be scared to mess up a drawing. However, my pencil drawings are less popular because it seems in today’s art world….big, bold and colorful is what people desire. Although, I refuse to follow the herd just to make a few more bucks. I love using graphite with all my heart because it’s the most “me” I can be. If I’m not following that inherent instinct to create what I want to create….am I truly an Artist?

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