Dear Readers,

Welcome to our fourth issue of NeurodivergART!

It seems that literature and arts magazines are becoming extinct, both paper and online versions. The internet offers so many opportunities for artists to share their work: social media, blogs, self-publishing, online shops. This has changed the literary and art world. No longer do writers and artists have to go through a submissions process where editors are the gatekeepers into the publishing world.

So why does NeurodivergART exist?

I launched this magazine for several reasons:

1). We want to create a community by offering a place where multiple, individual artists’ work is celebrated, recognized, and brought together. We want to build a network of international artists. We live far away from each other and many of us are isolated, working from home. NeurodivergART hopes to be a meeting ground, a place where artists discover each other and connect.

2).  Too often, part of being neurodivergent is being misunderstood by others. We offer a space where neurodivergent artists can share their perspectives and have them be understood and where readers can see perspectives that reflect their own experiences, allowing them to feel understood. 

3). We want to promote neurodivergent artists’ work! We know there are lots of options, but we are one more resource, a resource that 100% supports artists and their endeavors. We have modified the traditional submissions process to make it more straightforward and efficient. We post links to any online sites per artists’ requests. We publish Artist Notes written by the artists themselves.

And we have future plans for this magazine.

Our ultimate goal is to receive a grant so we can [back]pay our contributors, finance the website (currently out-of-pocket), and pay our staff (currently volunteers), in that order. To apply for this grant, we need to establish our magazine over the course of a year.

We cannot exist without submissions. Any pieces artists share online are pieces artists can submit to us! The process can be so rewarding — we love what we do here at NeurodivergART, especially working with artists to support their vision.

We also know it can be physically and emotionally overwhelming to submit, so if we can help you in any way, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.


please enjoy, please submit, and please share.

Thank you and with warmest regards,

Saraswati Chand
June 2019


Casey Promise

Susanne Winters