Susanne Winters

Mandala 1

In this picture, the stones are important to me because those were the first mandala rocks I felt actually proud of. I’m a hardcore perfectionist and I can be my own worst critic, but I couldn’t find any errors in these.

Mandala 2

This is a commission piece; I was inspired by the changes of seasons, especially winter to spring.

Mandala 3

In this piece, the red-yellow has passion in it, loss and love. Indescribable highs and lows. It represents an important slice of my life, a fire that used to warm me up, then almost destroyed me. As it turned out, the near destruction was necessary, because when I managed to rebuild, everything was so much better. I evolved, was reborn like a phoenix from the ashes and I painted all this in this mandala.


Artist Notes:

I never ever considered painting to be a valid life path for me. I’ve always wanted to paint, but even the thought was overwhelming, not to mention I didn’t think I had any talent. One day this all changed out of the blue. I just had this uncontrollable urge to paint. Living in a small village in Transylvania, I didn’t have many options to choose from at a moments notice, so I got myself some bad quality kids’ paint and paper. The paint was barely usable, but I was happy. It was like defragmenting my mind and I quickly became addicted. That’s how it all started. I never had any formal art training, I’m a video editor and singer, but I tried to learn by myself as much as I can.

Dotting is like therapy for me. The colors, textures, the rules – and the absence of rules – create an environment where my mind can get some untangled relief. Time and life itself flows without confusing obstructions and I can get a much needed rest before returning to the usual chaos of the world. 

This is how I see the world I guess. Existence is weird and confusing, it has so many small bits, that seemingly have nothing to do with the big picture, but if I keep focusing on doing my best when it comes to the small pieces, it all comes together.

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