Dear Readers,

It is with great sadness and even greater appreciation I announce that NeurodivergART has halted publication. The world of art and literature publication has moved on and NeurodivergART must move with it.

Social media has helped to build a community for neurodivergent artists, who can self-publish their work and find each other through hashtags. Politics, justice, philosophy, activism and more intermingle with art and literature, much as they do in artists’ souls.

I still believe there is a need for publications like NeurodivergART to celebrate, honor, and recognize neurodivergent artists. Outside of social media, our voices are too often muted. I had hoped to create another safe place for us to share our perspectives, experiences, and interpretations.

Perhaps one day, NeurodivergART will reopen for publication. Until then, I would like thank our readers for celebrating, honoring, and recognizing the works of the neurodivergent art community. And I would also like to express my deepest gratitude for our contributors, whose perspectives, experiences, and interpretations of the world are important and believed, honest and gorgeous.

Finally, I would like to thank the staff for believing in NeurodivergART‘s mission and helping to make it a reality. I couldn’t have done it without your hard work, passion, and support.

Thank you and with warmest regards,

Saraswati Chand
July 2019