Michiko Ozu

A pilot bear flying a book with several images in a thought-cloud, including letters, animals, and vehicles. Text is "My wish ascends to the sky. Laughter dances along with the wind."

Pilot Junior

Sketch of two hands holding. Text is "Until the end of the world, I'll give you my love."

Holding Hands (Sketch)


Orange cat looking out blue window with pink floral curtains. Text is "Even though I don't know what is tomorrow Maybe you will smile at me in a bright new world."

Cat in Window


Artist Notes:

Being neurodivergent helps me with creating poetry and art because I feel very deeply, with passion and with all my heart. I think primarily in images and find patterns and connections between things that are unrelated to most people. My brain is like a camera that’s recording everything 360. I can manipulate objects in my brain very easily, turn it around and see it in different angles. It makes reading and language very difficult because words are 2D. Since I have dyslexia and a very a short attention span (ADHD), my poetry is short but I think it captures the whole picture. The negative sides of being neurodivergent are feeling lonely and disconnected from people. I started drawing and writing poetry at age 6 because I didn’t share the same interests as other children and had no friends. I did not really have any training in art school or poetry. I only spend 1 year learning art and poetry in an academic setting. Otherwise, I am self taught.

I’m always longing for a world where we accept and stop discriminating against people whose brains are wired differently. I’m yearning for a society where we are more gentle, empathetic, and sensitive with each other. We cannot deny the existence of anger, anxiety, social injustice, etc but attacking people aggressively through the use of art will not change things. It will only fuels violent behaviors/thinking toward each other. There are better and beautiful ways to get people’s attention on what’s hurting. We need to start using our imagination and stop with the simple ugly expressions such as “f*** you, *f*** this, f*** that, f*** everything” We need to protect children from losing their imagination and we need more adults to start thinking out of the box again. Logic cannot change or improve the world. New and different ideas will.


My Twitter: https://twitter.com/daydreaming0318
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Mahibur Rahman

Three images: first is a brown and tan bird on a branch, second is a purple and blue car, and third is a black and white car. All three images are slicked with feathery features.


Artist Notes:

My style of work is constantly evolving by observing our Ever-Expanding-Changing-Mysterious Universe and as humans do best: ‘manipulate’ those existing elements into something alternatively new – Picturing THE UNSEEN – in a constructive, atomic matter.

Drawing for me is like writing fluently, It helps relieve my stress and unleashes the Power of Dyslexia – Not a disadvantage after all, ai?

Surely ‘Signs’ of There Being a Creator of Everything is Clear.’



Dear Readers,

Welcome to our second issue of NeurodivergART!

Spring is here and along with the change of seasons comes growth: flowers blooming, seedlings unfurling, sun shining late into the evening.

In accordance with that, we have grown, too, since our first issue. We have made a few changes with our submissions guidelines, namely that we now accept previously published material.

Everyone on the NeurodivergART staff spends quite a bit of time on social media and blog sites, interacting with other neurodivergent artists. We see beautiful work that we would like to reprint in our magazine. So, we examined our mission statement again: To create a magazine from and for neurodivergent artists. To offer a submissions process that is straightforward and succinct.

Many literature and art magazines require works that have not been published elsewhere. This can include blogs, online shops, and social media pages. Our decision to accept that work deviates from the typical approach. But we are not typical and embrace our divergence with gusto.  

This decision to accept previously published work can make a big difference to the neurodivergent artists who support themselves with their art. We can be another venue to showcase that work. We also include links to sites per your request, including those very blogs, online shops, and social media pages. We are here to support you and your endeavors.

And remember:


So …

Please enjoy, please submit, and please share.

Thank you and with warmest regards,

Saraswati Chand
April 2019


Mahibur Rahman

Michiko Ozu