Submission Guidelines CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS

Thank you so much for submitting your work to NeurodivergART!

Each month, NeurodivergART accepts submissions from the first (1st) to the fifteenth (15th) or when fifty (50) submissions have been received, whichever comes first. We know how much time and energy you put into your work. Submission limitations will allow us to 1) examine your pieces with the respect your work deserves and 2) . maximize our executive function skills. Remember to always advocate for your needs, fellow neurodivergent artists! They are real and valid.

NeurodivergART only accepts original work, including previously published. Though we appreciate the effort and passion found in these endeavors, please do not send fanfiction or visual art that is a reproduction of another artist’s work (i.e., a painting of someone else’s photograph).

You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to submit to NeurodivergART.  While we admire and encourage artists of all ages to pursue their craft, we want to protect our contributors. We do our best to ensure you are choosing to submit you work rather than having work submitted on your behalf without consent. If you are under eighteen (18) and are interested in publishing with us, please send us a message via the contact page.

NeurodivergART does not charge a submission or reading fee. 

NeurodivergART does not pay contributors (or staff) at this time. The goal of this nonprofit magazine is to give neurodivergent artists an opportunity to showcase their work and to build publishing credits as they continue to submit to and query other publishers. We do, however, promote your work. If your submission is accepted, we will share any links you may include in your Artist Notes — to blogs, social media, stores, reviews, interviews, other publications, etc.

NeurodivergART asks for one-time electronic rights. Copyright reverts to artists upon publication.

NeurodivergART will respond to all properly sent submissions.

By submitting to NeurodivergART, you agree to the above protocol.


Submissions are accepted by email to This email address is for submissions only. Any other communications should be directed to the editor, Saraswati Chand, via the contact page.

In the subject header, please write “short story”, “poetry” or “visual art”, followed by your name.

In the body of the email, please write up to three (3) sentences describing how neurodivergence influences your craft. Please do not write a cover letter.

Include your submission in the body of the email. Attachments will not be opened.

  • one (1) short story — up to 5,000 words or
  • up to three (3) poems or
  • up to three (3) pieces of visual artwork — including but not limited to painting, drawing, graphic art, photography (we do not accept videos at this time)

That’s it! Let your work speak for itself and please be patient. You will receive a response from NeurodivergART by the end of the month.